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Message from CEO

Competent and multi-dynamic human resource is necessary in the different aspects of the national development along with technological advancement and globalization. Along with the socio-economic changes in the society, preparing competent human resource needed for the all-round national development has been a huge challenge today. In this context, schools bear big responsibility to build milestone to generate future pillars of the nation with enriched knowledge and skills to contribute in the all sectors for national development. Realizing this fact, schools have been striving for high quality education to enable their learners to survive and thrive in the 21st century global context which is possible only by improving the quality of teachers’ teaching learning practices, promoting active and prolonged engagement of learners in the variety of hands-on learning activities and involving parents and school leadership in the school activities.

Understanding this context, Activity Based Instruction Nepal (ABI Nepal) has started its mission for transforming schools for quality of education for the 21st century complexities. ABI Nepal is one of the partner organizations that has been providing its services like teacher development programs, school consultancy, activity-based curriculum development, students counseling, and parents’ seminars, teaching learning materials development and providing teacher guide to various schools in different parts of the country for improving the quality of education. Moreover, it provides sustained support to teachers and students in their teaching learning practices for high quality of education for transforming the Nepalese society.