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About us

It has been realized that present traditional education has not been able to meet the educational expectations for 21st century society. Therefore, the stakeholders have realized the need of educational transformation to meet the 21st century educational goals.

Activity Based Instruction Nepal (ABI Nepal) is established with the aim of transforming academic institutions for quality education. Currently, ABI Nepal has been running various programs and activities for transforming school education.


Slogan / Motto: “Transforming schools for 21st century learning”


Mission Statement

“To transform Nepalese society with 21st century education by preparing skilled human resource with global citizenship for 21st century global market”



Prepare skilled teachers and teacher educators with high quality, up-to-date pedagogical knowledge and skills for transforming school education for preparing the learners for 21st century global citizenship.



  1. To create learner friendly classroom with hands- on activities for learners’ holistic development.
  2. Enhance classroom practices with fun and experiential learning.
  3. To design activity based and learner-centered contextual curriculum that appropriately suits in Nepalese context.
  4. To change school education for 21st century learners.
  5. To transform schools for imparting activity based, ICT based, research based and practical education with life skills.
  6. Equip schools with all necessary teaching learning materials with subject-labs for school education.