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Transforming schools for 21st century learning

Why ABI Nepal ?

As Activity based instruction is a new approach of teaching learning activity which includes variety of activities such as; games, project works, various modes of classroom discussion and presentations….


Ensure variety of hands-on activities in the teaching learning practices.


Guarantee visible changes in school education.


Standardizing the quality of education.


Enabling learners for 21st century global market.


Preparing highly competent global citizens for dynamic, techno-savvy and complex global market.


From CEO

Competent and multi-dynamic human resource is necessary in the different aspects of the national development along with technological advancement and globalization. Along with the socio-economic changes in the society, preparing competent human resource needed for the all-round national development has been a huge challenge today. In this context, schools bear big responsibility to build milestone to generate future pillars of the nation with enriched knowledge and skills to contribute in the all sectors for national development. Realizing this fact, schools have been striving for high quality education to enable their learners to survive and thrive in the 21st century global context which is possible only by improving the quality of teachers’ teaching learning practices, promoting active

Our Core Programs and Activities:

A number of Programs and activities are provided to the students so as to facilitate them a conducive, friendly and constructive environment for learning.

ABC Development:

Based on the government curriculum of Nepal, ABI Nepal has prepared the activity based pre-school curriculum with thematic approach with the aim of holistic…

Project Based Learning :

PBL has been defined as the 21st century teaching approach for developing in-depth information about the topic and the 21st century life skills….

School consultancy:

The stakeholders have realized that schools need to be transformed to produce skilled and competent human resource for the 21st century market…

Club Based Activities:

ABI Nepal conducts various club based activities in order to develop public speaking skills, reading culture and writing literature from the early life of learners’….

Teachers’ Professional Development:

ABI Nepal believes teachers’ professional development plays vital role for the effective teaching learning activities in the classroom. Therefore…

Research and Publications:

Conducting and involving both teachers and learners in the academic research activities and publication is very necessary for their professional development. ….

Our Executive Team

Mr. Tika Ram Pokhrel

Mr. Tika Ram Pokhrel

ABI Team Member

Mr. Tika Ram Pokhrel has been working as Academic Director at Activity Based Instruction Nepal (ABI Nepal)

Mrs. Muna Chaulagain

Mrs. Muna Chaulagain

ABI Team Member

Mrs. Muna Chaulagain has been working a school based curriculum expert at Activity-Based Instructional Nepal (ABI Nepal)

Mr. Lok Bahadur Basnet

Mr. Lok Bahadur Basnet

ABI Team Member

Mr. LB Basnet has been working as a mathematics education expert at Activity Based Instruction Nepal (ABI Nepal) 

Mr. Dilli Ram Dhakal

Mr. Dilli Ram Dhakal

ABI Team Member

डिल्लीराम ढकाल ABI Nepal (एक्टिभीटी बेस इस्ट्रक्सन नेपाल)मा पाठ्यक्रम विकास तथा शिक्षक तालीम सहजकर्ताको रुपमा कार्यरत हुनुहुन्छ ।

Mr. Umeshram Khatri

Mr. Umeshram Khatri

ABI Team Member

Mr. Khatri has been working a school-based curriculum expert at Activity-Based Instructional Nepal (ABI Nepal)

Our Partner School

Activity Based Instruction Nepal (ABI Nepal) is established with the aim of transforming academic institutions for quality education. Currently, ABI Nepal has been running various programs and activities for transforming school education.

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Teachers’ Voice

It is my privilege to work in collaboration with ABI Nepal. It has been a wonderful experience of implementing Activity Based Preschool curriculum. We have been applying this curriculum since 2018 onwards. Actually, it has relieved us both teachers and kids from traditional monotonous rote learning method of teaching learning practices..[More]

Mrs. Tika Kaderiya Sapkota

Pre-school In-charge , Skyrider School

Along with the rapid changes in socio-economic and technological field in the world today, it is found that educational institutions have been motivated with the paradigm change. Milestone School always welcomes innovative pedagogies for teaching and learning. Striving for innovation, collaboration with Activity Based Instructional Nepal ….  [More]

Krishna Prasad Chaulagain

Director, Milestone School

Activity Based Method लागु गरेपछि विद्यार्थिहरुमा पहिलेको तुलनामा ठूलो भिन्नता आएको महसुस भएको छ । पहिला विद्यार्थिहरुलाई केहिकुरा सिकाउन शिक्षककै भुमिका महत्वपूर्ण रहन्थ्यो भने अहिले विद्यार्थिहरु थाहै नपाइकन समुहमा खेल खेल्दै सिक्न सक्ने भएका छन । सधैभरि शिक्षकहरुले कपीमा दिएको कार्य गर्न दिक्क मान्ने केटाकेटीहरू अहिले worksheet देख्नासाथ खुसि र दङग हुदै कक्षाकार्य गर्न थालेका छन् ।  … .[More]

मिरा खनाल ढकाल

Pre-Primary Incharge, अमिनटी स्कुल

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