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Our Programs & Activities

  1. Activity Based Curriculum Development: Based on the government curriculum of Nepal, ABI Nepal has prepared the activity based pre-school curriculum with thematic approach with the aim of holistic development of the children. This curriculum incorporates teacher guide with at least ten different activities including various games, project works, songs or rhymes, teacher resources, worksheets, reading materials and rubric based continuous assessment system for each theme. Moreover, it also provides training support for the schools for preparing the activity based curriculum support.


  1. School consultancy: The stakeholders have realized that schools need to be transformed to produce skilled and competent human resource for the 21st century market. In order to meet the educational goals and social demands, ABI Nepal has been providing school consultancy to the schools in different parts of the country for transforming them for 21st century learning involving all the direct stakeholders; school leaders, teachers, parents and students in the school activities in long term basis for transforming the teaching learning activities of the school.



  1. Teachers’ Professional Development: ABI Nepal believes teachers’ professional development plays vital role for the effective teaching learning activities in the classroom. Therefore, ABI Nepal organizes teacher professional development training from pre-school to higher secondary level in the continuous basis followed by planning, observation, feedback and further planning for the effective teaching learning instruction.


  1. Leadership Development Programs: Effective leadership is necessary for the successful leading of school for the effective teaching learning activities. Realizing the act that effective leaders are made, ABI Nepal conducts various leadership programs for preparing the school leaders including principals, vice-principals, subject heads or instructional supervisors, level in-charges and



  1. academic coordinators for the effective leadership to enhance the quality of leadership for the successful leading of schools for the 21st century learning.


  1. Resource Development: Teaching using T/L materials and teaching without them matters a lot. So, teachers need to be equipped with necessary T/L materials for their effective performance in the classroom. In this regard, ABI Nepal organizes different teacher training programs for resource development; theme wise flashcards, poster designing related to classroom contents, worksheets, rubrics for assessment, evaluation sheets, trip sheets, project work planning sheets, teacher guide, leading to level wise, subject wise and whole school exhibition, etc.



  1. Parents’ Seminar: Effective schooling is possible only through parents’ involvement in the school activities. It is necessary to aware parents about various school activities and their roles and responsibilities as parent for the holistic development of their children. Considering this fact, ABI Nepal conducts various parents’ meetings, seminars, workshops and counselling for effective parenting.


  1. Developing School Improvement Strategy Plan: Any institution needs proper guideline or strategy planning for its progress. So, ABI Nepal, in this regard, helps schools to develop their strategy planning for improving or transforming the school. It includes adopting up to date pedagogical approach, innovative ideas and activities in their lesson plans, term plans and annual plan. Similarly, the level of strategy planning depends on the resources available, the amount of investment the school can invest, the academic goals they want to achieve within certain academic year and the risk they can bear for the school improvement.



  1. Motivation and Career Counseling: ABI Nepal focuses on the students’ career/life goals rather than bookish knowledge and scoring higher grades. Moreover, it believes that each student, by SEE, should have a clear career goal for the successful future career. With this regard, ABI Nepal conducts various motivational sessions and research skill development training for students which helps them to know their personality, their passion and the related work areas for setting their life goal.


  1. Project Based Learning (PBL): PBL has been defined as the 21st century teaching approach for developing in-depth information about the topic and the 21st century life skills. ABI Nepal conducts training programs for teachers in order to support them for designing project works and implementing them; theme wise, subject wise and level wise in the teaching learning activities.



  1. Continuous Assessment System (CAS): Every child is unique in terms his/her attitude, behavior, and interest. Therefore, his/her learning achievements should be evaluated with holistic approach. Believing this uniqueness of each child, ABI Nepal supports teachers for preparing subject specific theme-wise rubric based continuous assessment tools (CAS) in order to evaluate their learning achievement on the regular basis.


  1. School exhibition: education fair or school exhibition is such a platform for both teachers, students as well as the whole school family in which they get an ample opportunity to reflect their overall programs and activities and exhibit their creativity, various games, art and craft, classroom activities they have carried out throughout the year. ABI Nepal supports schools (teachers and students) to plan and exhibit their classroom activities and project works, models they have designed, games they have played during their teaching learning activities, at least 15 to 20 projects from each subject (grade 1 – 10) in the school exhibition.



  1. Club based activities: ABI Nepal conducts various club based activities in order to develop public speaking skills, reading culture and writing literature from the early life of learners’ schooling. The following club based activities are the major activities of ABI Nepal.
    1. Speakers’ Club: In order to develop public speaking skills of the learners, ABI Nepal supports schools to conduct speakers’ club on the regular basis.
    2. Readers’ Club: Developing reading habit or reading culture is very necessary in the learners from their early life of their schooling. ABI Nepal supports schools to build classroom library and school library with sufficient reading materials, suitable to the learners’ age and their interest. Moreover, it encourages the learners for reading as many books as possible on the regular basis, write book reviews, conduct book talk sessions, etc.
    3. Writers’ workshop: ABI Nepal believes that anybody can be writer. Therefore, ABI Nepal conducts writers’ workshop using various techniques for writing various poems, stories, essays and dramas which they can share in the coffee house program.


  1. Curriculum Sharing: ABI Nepal supports teachers and school administration for curriculum planning and sharing theme-wise activities that they have planned to apply in their teaching learning activities during the particular term; level-wise and subject-wise, involving parents and seeking their collaboration for effective and successful implementation.


  1. Academic Research and Publications: Conducting and involving both teachers and learners in the academic research activities and publication is very necessary for their professional development. Using various project works, teachers and students are supported and encouraged to carry out various academic research activities and publication for developing research skills and in-depth knowledge of the topic.



  1. Subject Labs: Lab is very important for learning with practical knowledge and developing the concrete idea of the abstract one. Therefore, ABI Nepal helps for developing different subject-wise materials for subject labs, managing materials and using it in the teaching learning activities.